How You Make Money and How You Could Earn More!

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6 min readNov 24, 2022

Most people wish they had more and earned more. With the cost of living rising and lifestyle creeping, who doesn’t wish they had a few extra pounds in their pocket or zeros on the end of their bank balance? But when was the last time you stopped to think about how you earn money and how this could be increased? Then, of course, there is the way that 99.9% of the population knows of increasing hours, looking for that promotion, but what if there were alternate ways?

In this blog, we discuss two different income models from 2 different authors. These are four types of person and four types of income to help you understand how the rich are getting richer and why the 99% struggle even if in a highly paid job. Although they are similar, it is only when you combine the two models that they reveal their real power. So keep reading to the end.

Type of Person

One of the first people to look at how we earn money was Robert Kiyosaki in his best-selling self-published book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, which has sold millions of copies worldwide.

He described four types of people and their wealth values and characteristics using the ESBI model as the following:

  • Employee
  • Self-employed/Small Business
  • Business
  • Investor

He suggests that to become wealthy, we need to buy assets rather than liabilities and move to become business owners and investors. As he sees it is the only way to generate real wealth.

Types of Income

The second way of looking at this is not necessarily the person but the type of income an individual generates, regardless of their role or position. Rob Moore describes this well in his book Multiple Streams of Property Income and describes the four…



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