From Pain to Pleasure: A Guide to Developing Products That Solve Problems and Delight Customers

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4 min readApr 4, 2023

When was the last time you watched a perfume advert? If you have not watched one recently, check out the advert below:

Have you ever wondered why these types of adverts often don’t mention the product, never try to explain what the product is about, or give a price for what the product is?

Despite that, they must be getting something right! Reported revenue for Dior last year was €79 billion.

So what are they trying to sell you, and why did they not try and explain their product?

They are trying to sell an emotion or a feeling rather than using logic to sell their product. So why do they adopt this approach?

Why selling with logic does not work

Selling with logic is a common approach that many businesses use to try and persuade customers to buy their products. The idea is that presenting customers with a logical argument will convince them to purchase the product. However, this approach often falls short of its intended goal.

One reason selling with logic does not work is that it fails to account for the emotional aspect of purchasing…



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