Could This One Practice Solve The Roadblocks In Your Business?

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5 min readApr 14

Have you ever encountered a problem in your business that keeps coming up repeatedly? No matter how often you try to solve this problem, it still raises its head, causing significant disruption and problems.

Often when we are in the throes of business, we are firefighting tasks, invoices and other elements of the business. Due to the fast pace and the lack of time, we often don’t get to sit and think about the business. Self-reflection is a proven way to generate new insights and perspectives and allows for new ideas and solutions. For some, it can be a real superpower for driving their business forward.

What is Self Reflection?

Self-reflection, or looking inward and examining one’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, can be a powerful tool for improving decision-making and problem-solving in business. In this blog, we will explore the role of self-reflection in these critical areas and provide tips for incorporating it into your daily routine.

The Importance of Self-Reflection in Decision Making

Decision-making is a critical aspect of any business, yet often complex. It requires gathering and analysing information, considering multiple perspectives, and weighing different options’ potential risks and benefits.

One of the most significant challenges in decision-making is overcoming our biases and assumptions. We all bring our own experiences, beliefs, and values to the table, which can cloud our judgment and lead us to make decisions, not in the company’s best interest.

Self-reflection can help us identify our biases and assumptions by examining our thoughts and emotions. By reflecting on our experiences and perspectives, we can become more aware of our biases and work to overcome them. This can lead to better decision-making that is based on objective analysis rather than personal bias.

Another way self-reflection can aid in decision-making is by helping us identify patterns in our thinking and behaviour. For example, we may notice that we tend to rush to make decisions without fully considering all the options or that we tend to avoid conflict even when it’s necessary. By identifying these…

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